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H2scan Names Michael Nofal as Vice President of Sales & Business Development

VALENCIA, CA - H2scan Corporation, provider of the most accurate, tolerant and affordable hydrogen leak detection and process gas monitoring solutions for industrial markets, today announced that Michael Nofal has joined the company as Vice President of Sales & Business Development. Nofal brings over 30 years of executive experience in sales, business development and marketing for a diverse group of companies in major industries.

"Michael is widely respected across the oil & gas industries as a successful sales & business development professional," said Dennis Reid, H2scan's President & CEO. "His expertise and established trust in these sectors will significantly enhance our sales, customer relationships and business development efforts helping to further build upon H2scan's success. Michael will become a catalyst for realizing H2scan's ambitious growth plans and will help take our company to the next level."

"I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to join the H2scan team and look forward to cultivating the already successful and aggressive initiatives that will continue to grow H2scan's global sales," stated Michael Nofal. "I look forward to building relationships and expanding new business opportunities with senior management at the leading hydrogen leak detection and process gas monitoring developers in the industry."

As Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Nofal will be responsible for expanding the company's reach in existing and future markets. Nofal will spearhead the sales team growth hiring process in an effort to further expand H2scan sales globally.

Nofal's experience includes global market expansion strategies, business & channel development, sales team training & management and complex negotiations & sales cycles.

Nofal was most recently Senior Vice President of Sales, Business Development and Operations and CFO for 18 years at DynaPump Inc., in Los Angeles, CA.

For further company or product information, including being added to H2scan's corporate e-mail list, please email h2info@h2scan.com or call 661-775-9575 ext. 600 or 625.

About H2scan Corporation (www.h2scan.com)

H2scan was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters, sales, production, and marketing staff in Valencia, California. The Company provides the most accurate, tolerant, and affordable hydrogen leak detection and process gas monitoring solutions for industrial markets enabling accurate monitoring and control functions for a wide range of applications, including control systems, safety monitoring and alarm systems. H2scan also provides portable, handheld configurations for easy leak detection and monitoring.

H2scan's hydrogen specific sensing systems based on a patented "Chip on a flex" technology are able to detect and measure hydrogen without false readings or expensive support equipment required. This makes it ideal for the NeSSI platform. H2scan's process systems have the ability to operate in real-time, with or without the presence of oxygen, no interference from CO or H2S, separating H2scan from all other in-line measuring technologies. The leak detector sensing systems are able to detect hydrogen in air down to 15 ppm concentration without cross-sensitivities to other gases.

The company's solid-state technology was originated at Sandia National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy and is only available commercially through H2scan. Its products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit www.h2scan.com.

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