HY-ALERTA™ Gen 5 Fixed Area Hydrogen Safety Monitor


The HY-ALERTA™ Gen 5 Fixed Area Hydrogen Monitor is based on H2scan’s Gen 5 System for distribution transformer monitoring, a first of its kind small-size, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)-based hydrogen safety sensor package that includes high accuracy, high end features, and low cost in the industry’s smallest form factor.

The HY-ALERTA Gen 5 fixed area monitor provides fast hydrogen-specific leak detection and safety monitoring from 0 percent to 5 percent hydrogen by volume and is capable of operating with or without air/oxygen present. The sensor has no cross-sensitivity to other combustible gases, including carbon monoxide (CO) or hydrogen sulfide (H2S), eliminating false alarms and improving reliability.


  • Battery rooms – hydrogen monitoring during lead acid battery charging
  • Control rooms / analyzer buildings - detection of potentially flammable hydrogen buildup in occupied areas 
  • Laboratories - general hydrogen safety monitoring
  • Alternative energy - hydrogen refueling station safety monitoring or fuel cell and electrolyzer leak monitoring 
  • Hydrogen-cooled generators and turbines - leak detection during operation
  • Industrial gas supply and hydrogen production - leak detection around hydrogen storage facilities and pipes
  • Furnaces and manufacturing - area monitoring for unburnt hydrogen
  • Semiconductor manufacturing


  • Rated for temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius.
  • Three user-configurable 5A/240VAC relays.
  • Analog input is 4-20 mA and input voltage is 12-28 VDC (24V typical).
  • Communicates to a central monitoring console using the Modbus serial protocol over an RS485 network.
  • The system has a built in AC/DC power supply.
  • Optional interfaces include wireless, Ethernet and highway addressable remote transducer (HART).
  • Safety certifications include: UL, c-UL, ATEX, IEC Ex, FM, KOSHA, Russia, China and SIL2-capable.
  • Maintenance-Free 10-year Lifespan
  • Compact, Low-Cost Sensor Monitors Hydrogen in 0% to 5% Volumes with No False Alarms
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