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Servomex and H2scan Partnership Challenges Traditional Sensing with Innovative Technologies for HP Processes
Michael Allman Elected Chairman of the Board of H2scan Corporation
Exxon Installs Industry-Leading Hydrogen Analyzing Technology into its Gas Chromatography System
Parker Adds Industry-Leading Hydrogen Sensing Systems to its Instrumentation Offerings
H2scan Launches New Website with New Features and Functionality
H2scan’s HY-ALERTA™ 600 Fixed Area Hydrogen Monitor Proven Reliable in Detecting for Hydrogen Leaks in Battery Rooms and Back-up Power Facilities
H2scan Names Michael Nofal as Vice President of Sales & Business Development
H2scan Corporation Receives the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA) Certificate of Compliance on its HY-ALERTA™ 1600 Area Hydrogen Monitor and the HY-OPTIMA™ 1700 In-line Process Analyzer
H2scan Corporation Receives UL Certification on its HY-ALERTA™ Area Hydrogen Sensors and HY-OPTIMA™ In-Line Process Monitors
H2scan Names Dr. Vikas Lakhotia as Vice President of Engineering
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