Sentinel™ IoT Monitor

Sentinel™ Communicator: Integrated DGA, Moisture and Pressure Monitoring

H2scan’s Sentinel™ Communicator provides comprehensive grid intelligence for transformer monitoring and protection. It combines multiple key parameters including dissolved gas analysis (DGA), moisture, and pressure into a single integrated solution. Sentinel enables predictive maintenance strategies by detecting active internal transformer gassing and other developing issues before catastrophic failures occur.

Sentinel allows convenient cloud-based data visibility and analytics for the entire transformer network. Its rugged, weatherproof design enables rapid deployment in outdoor environments. With simple installation and integration with common SCADA systems, Sentinel provides utilities and asset-intensive industries with powerful yet cost-effective transformer health monitoring.


  • Online DGA monitoring integrated with moisture and pressure to detect active internal transformer gassing
  • Enables fault detection for predictive maintenance
  • Cloud-based software for convenient data visibility across transformer fleet
  • Rugged IP67 design for harsh outdoor environments

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