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"Our first H2scan HY-OPTIMA™ Model 2700 has been in service for four months. It has added significant efficiency to the process by providing real time and accurate hydrogen measurements. This will also help us extend catalyst life, thus allowing longer runs between regenerations or change-out. We are extremely happy with the performance of H2scan's technology and are actively looking for additional installation points."

Jorge Luis Babot
Supervisor, Phillips 66

"We find that local Fire Marshals are most impressed with the level of capability that the H2scan sensor system(s) can provide. In addition, the ability to attach, bury, and conform to small spaces that the H2scan technology provides will assist in providing the level of safety required."

Frank K. Schweighardt
Manager of Process Analytical Technology, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.


Hydrogen detection, analysis and measurement are a critical challenge in many industries including:

Generally, hydrogen sensor, analyzer & detection applications relate to either trace detection (e.g. safety or early warning of equipment faults), or process analysis (monitoring higher hydrogen concentrations for industrial process control). For many target applications, the regulatory and economic drivers for hydrogen monitoring & detection solutions are extremely strong.

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