Advanced Hydrogen Sensing

H2scan’s proven sensing technology, based on R&D, engineering, and production excellence, will help ensure the safe and effective operation of the hydrogen economy.

H2scan Sensing Applications:
Now and the Future

Advanced Hydrogen Solutions

Momentum behind the hydrogen economy is growing as more companies and countries invest in production of green hydrogen and find innovative applications that reduce greenhouse gases. H2scan technology senses hydrogen in the atmosphere and can be used in a wide range of hydrogen economy applications, making hydrogen greener and safer.

Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells

No matter how green the hydrogen, any leaks into the atmosphere reduce the environmental benefit of the fuel and can impact safety. Using a hydrogen monitor to detect hydrogen early is critical for fuel cells and / or electrolyzers safety applications.

Transformer Monitoring

Understanding transformer health is critical to reliably meeting customer demand and avoiding the small, but highly disruptive, chance of transformer explosions. Hydrogen is generated when significant issues like overheating, partial discharge and arcing occur in transformers. Continuous and real-time monitoring of hydrogen tracks and alerts operators to small problems before they become big problems.

Battery Room Safety

Vented lead acid and vented Ni-Cad batteries are commonly used in battery rooms because they offer cost-effective power storage. But these batteries dissipate hydrogen that can reach flammable levels. Hydrogen area monitors detect hydrogen in air and can trigger alarms or ventilation systems when hydrogen levels get too high.

Industrial Processes

Hydrogen is created as a byproduct of many industrial processes ranging from energy generation to chemical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and others. In all these applications, hydrogen must be detected, analyzed and measured quickly and accurately to avoid safety issues or equipment faults.


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