Transformer Monitoring

Catch Transformer Problems Before They Disrupt Operations

We live in an era of growing demand for electricity, which makes understanding transformer health critical to reliably meeting customer demand and avoiding the small, but highly disruptive, chance of transformer explosions. 

Hydrogen is generated when significant issues like overheating, partial discharge and arcing occur in transformers. Continuous and realtime monitoring of hydrogen tracks and alerts operators to small problems before they become big problems. Hydrogen monitoring provides continuous real time data and is dramatically less expensive than installing multi-gas monitors.

H2scan’s GRIDSCAN 5000 hydrogen monitors are small form factor monitors that deliver very high accuracy and need no calibration or maintenance for 10 years or more.

Find more information and resources about the urgent need for real-time hydrogen monitoring and how the GRIDSCAN 5000 can meet those needs.

Transformer with Gridscan Hydrogen sensor

Recent Transformer Hydrogen Monitoring News

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H2scan Digest – January 2024

Catch up on the latest at H2scan including the recording of our transformer reliability webinar discussing ways to monitor the health of transformers in your electrical network.

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Hydrogen Sensing Products for Transformer Safety


HyView™ is an explosion-proof process meter display with the ability to consolidate data from multiple hydrogen sensors. HyView provides more value to the high-accuracy, low maintenance GRIDSCAN 5000 sensor for transformer reliability. Adding the ability to read hydrogen data locally allows the operator greater real-time access to important reliability and safety data, turning it into valuable information through which critical asset management and safety decisions can be made. One of the most advanced and feature-packed explosion-proof, loop-powered indicators on the market, HyView eliminates the need to run additional, costly power lines into a hazardous area.


The H2scan GRIDSCAN 5000 Hydrogen Sensor pairs a high performance ASIC to H2scan’s field-proven solid-state hydrogen sensor. This stand-alone sensor system has been designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement, at a lower cost for the high-volume OEM or utilities. No calibrations or maintenance is needed for up to 10 years, and the Gridscan 5000 is the lowest cost by thousands to any other available hydrogen DGA system. H2scan is the only company in the industry that can state retail sales of over 15,000 sensor systems worldwide with no after sale calibrations performed since 2012.

Hydrogen Solutions for OEM Integration

H2scan's breakthrough hydrogen sensing technology is available for integration into your product as an OEM assembly. Various options are available ranging from just a hydrogen sensor sub-assembly to a full-up product assembly.

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