H2scan Corporation Donates HY-ALERTA™ 500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector to Formula Zero Championship Race Series Team

VALENCIA, CA — August 7, 2008 — H2scan Corporation today announced the Company’s sponsorship of the new zero emission, Formula Zero Championship Race Series with a donation of their HY-ALERTA™ 500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector to the UCLA Hydrogen Engineering Research Consortium team (HercUCLAs).

The Formula Zero Championship race series, premiering in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, August 22nd and 23rd 2008, is a Dutch initiative encouraging University teams from all over the world to design and race zero emission, water-generating hydrogen-powered fuel cell race karts. Formula Zero’s goal is ultimately to show the public that clean, environment-friendly fuels are also capable of high performance applications.

H2scan’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development Cyril Berg stated, “Our HYALERTA™ 500 handheld hydrogen leak detector is perfectly suited to this race and its competitors because of the unit’s portability and ease of use in detecting hydrogen leaks. This is an excellent opportunity for us both, and we are excited to participate and contribute to this global project to promote clean energy.”

H2scan’s HY-ALERTA 500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector is the industry’s most versatile, portable hydrogen leak detector, able to respond to the widest range of hydrogen gas concentrations without the need of expensive peripheral equipment.

Kasper Pols, Managing Director of Leak Control Benelux, the exclusive importer of H2scan equipment in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg and sponsor of Formula Zero stated, “We have been working with H2scan for almost three years and are excited to collaborate with them on this project. Formula Zero is an excellent medium for their hydrogen leak detectors and introduction into the fuel cell market.”

“We are grateful for the generous donation of the hydrogen leak detector from H2scan. By partnering with companies like this, we are able to further develop and safely explore new hydrogen-related technologies. Their hydrogen leak detector is an invaluable tool in working in a safe manner with hydrogen and in creating a winning kart,” stated Vasilios Manousiouthakis, Director of HERC and faculty advisor for HercUCLAs.

Eelco Rietveld, Racing Director of Formula Zero notes, “With the launch of zero emission racing by hydrogen and fuel cell propulsion, we hope to plant a sustainable seed in the hearts and minds of Motorsport lovers around the world that hydrogen powered vehicles are racing for the future.”

To learn more about H2scan’s hydrogen sensing products, please call 661-775-9575 or visit www.h2scan.com. To be added to H2scan’s corporate e-mail list to receive updates on the company and its products, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

About Formula Zero (www.formulazero.nl)

Formula Zero B.V. is a Dutch company that is setting up a zero emission race series for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles. Racing is the perfect platform for developing this innovative technology and generating enthusiasm for zero emission cars. The Formula Zero series will commence in 2008 with a student edition, and as the technology and commercial interest develop, the series will scale up to full-size racing.

About HercUCLAs (www.herc.ucla.edu)

UCLA’s Hydrogen Engineering Research Consortium (HERC) aims at research/development, and education/public outreach efforts that will help accelerate the realization of the hydrogen economy.

About Leak Control Benelux (www.leakcontrol.nl)

Leak Control Benelux is a dynamic and leading organization in the field of leak detection located in The Netherlands. They specialize in the sale and rental of leak detection systems based on the hydrogen trace gas method. Leak Control Benelux is the exclusive importer of H2scan hydrogen leak detection equipment for the Benelux countries.

About H2scan (www.h2scan.com)

H2scan is the leading provider of high performance hydrogen specific sensor systems that provide accurate monitoring and control functions for a wide range of applications, including control systems, safety monitoring and alarm systems. H2scan also provides portable, handheld configurations for easy leak detection and monitoring.

H2scan’s hydrogen specific sensing systems based on a patented “Chip on a flex” technology are able to detect and measure hydrogen without false readings or expensive support equipment required. The sensing systems are able to detect hydrogen in air down to 15 ppm concentration over a wide range of temperatures without cross-sensitivities to other gases. The ability to operate with or without the presence of oxygen with no interference from CO, sulfur or chlorine separates H2scan from all other in-line measuring technologies.

The company’s solid-state technology was developed at Sandia National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy and is only available commercially through H2scan.

H2scan Corporation is headquartered in Valencia, California, and was formed in 2002 with capital assistance from the Ravinia Venture Fund and Vancouver-based Chrysalix Energy Limited Partnership, that includes Ballard Power Systems Inc., Shell Hydrogen, The BOC Group, BASF Venture Capital and Mitsubishi Corporation.

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