H2scan Digest – October 2023

Welcome to the October 2023 issue of the H2scan Digest

In this issue we present:

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A Note from H2scan CEO Dave Meyers: "A Once-in-a-Generation Chance to Get This Right"

This month, the world celebrated Hydrogen Week in recognition of hydrogen and its role in the transition to a cleaner and more equitable energy future. To commemorate this pivotal occasion, I’ve written a blog post explaining hydrogen power’s exciting potential, as well as the importance of proper safety equipment when utilizing hydrogen. We have a once-in-a-generation chance to get this right and I urge leaders to seriously consider safety from the outset on our journey to a more diversified energy mix.

You can read my full post titled “Safety Critical to Delivering on Hydrogen’s Sustainability Promises” here.

US Department of Energy's Jigar Shah Discusses the Hydrogen Economy

The US hydrogen economy is at a critical moment, with the US Department of Energy having just announced the winners of the hydrogen hubs applications.

In a Reuters Events exclusive interview, Timothy Gardner, Energy and Environment Correspondent, Reuters spoke with Jigar Shah, the Director of the Loan Programs Office, US Department of Energy. The interview discusses the route for hydrogen to become fully bankable and how your business can benefit, the role of the Department of Energy in accelerating demand through federal incentives, the pathway for nuclear hydrogen and its role in the energy mix, and more.

You can watch the full video here.

H2scan's GRIDSCAN 5000: The Industry's #1 Solid-State Hydrogen Sensor Technology

The GRIDSCAN 5000 Hydrogen Sensor is the industry’s #1 solid-state hydrogen sensor technology in a robust yet compact package. This stand-alone sensor system has been designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement for turnkey solution for utilities and transformer and monitoring OEMs. Rated for a wide temperature range and marine exposure, the GRIDSCAN 5000 Hydrogen Sensor installs directly onto a transformer and can withstand the harshest industrial applications. No calibrations or maintenance are needed for up to 10 years, and the GRIDSCAN 5000 offers great value per dollar compared to other hydrogen sensors on the market. H2scan is the only company in the industry that can state retail sales of over 15,000 sensor systems worldwide with no after sale calibrations performed since 2012. Watch the video above about H2scan’s GRIDSCAN 5000 to get a more in-depth understanding of the product.

Hydrogen Tomorrow News

Energy-intensive industries lead the charge to green hydrogen economy

Green hydrogen has the potential to reduce carbon emissions across many industries, helping companies comply with increasingly stringent regulations that include rising taxes on greenhouse gases.

UK and Germany announce clean hydrogen partnership

Industry welcomes declaration of intent to work together on research and stimulate international trade in hydrogen.

Upcoming Tradeshows

The 2023 Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd (NiBS) Battery Conference will feature a range of informative technical papers presented by industry experts and related to battery design, industry developments, charger and UPS selection, system sizing, industry best practice and user studies with ample opportunity for questions and discussion. The event takes place in Shropshire, England on November 1-2, 2023. Learn more here.

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Global Hydrogen Conference

The 3rd Global Hydrogen Conference is an interactive virtual conference from Global Hydrogen Review, focusing on innovative technology and solutions that will help to accelerate the hydrogen revolution. You can expect a range of presentations from leading companies in the hydrogen sector, and live Q&As with industry experts on key topics. H2scan is a conference sponsor. The event takes place on November 2, 2023. Learn more here.

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The Forty-First IEEE Convention of Central America and Panama (CONCAPAN) is the flagship event of the CAPANA Council (Central America and Panama) of the IEEE and one of the most important engineering sciences and technology events in Latin America.

CONCAPAN 2023 will feature keynote conferences, tutorials and technical exhibitions that you cannot miss. The event takes place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on November 8-10, 2023. Learn more here.

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