Battery Room H2Scan products designed for monitoring hydrogen for battery room safety

HY-ALERTA™ 5021 Solid-State Area Hydrogen Monitor

H2scan’s HY-ALERTA 5021 solid-state area hydrogen monitor is a reliable, hydrogen gas detector for real-time monitoring of battery rooms that avoids false positives from other gasses. The auto-calibrating technology allows data centers, utilities, telecommunications, and energy storage systems end users to deploy it maintenance-free, with no calibration or board replacements needed throughout the life of the unit.


HyView™ is an explosion-proof process meter display with the ability to consolidate data from multiple hydrogen sensors. HyView provides more value to the high-accuracy, low maintenance GRIDSCAN 5000 sensor for transformer reliability. Adding the ability to read hydrogen data locally allows the operator greater real-time access to important reliability and safety data, turning it into valuable information through which critical asset management and safety decisions can be made. One of the most advanced and feature-packed explosion-proof, loop-powered indicators on the market, HyView eliminates the need to run additional, costly power lines into a hazardous area.

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