H2scan provides the most accurate, tolerant and affordable hydrogen leak detection and process gas measurement solutions for a wide range of applications in the power industry, the industrial process industry and for the hydrogen economy. Our patented, solid state, core hydrogen sensor technology is supported by 15 years of R&D and 10 years of field verification and retail sales.  Our hydrogen analyzer and leak detection solutions tackle the many limitations typically associated with traditional hydrogen sensing technologies and uniquely offer the following advantages over competing solutions:
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance and longer calibration intervals
  • Simple system integration and installation
  • Tolerance to harsh background contaminants
H2scan’s hydrogen monitors, hydrogen process analyzers and hydrogen leak detectors are utilized in the power industry (transformers, battery room safety), in industrial applications (hydrogen safety and process applications) and in emerging hydrogen economy applications (fuel cells and electrolyzer, hydrogen in gas, hydrogen production, transmission and storage). Whatever your need, our hydrogen sensing systems and leak detectors are uniquely able to detect hydrogen against virtually any background gases without false readings or expensive support equipment required.

Core Sensor Technology

H2scan’s hydrogen sensing systems are based on patented solid state technology able to detect and measure hydrogen without false readings or expensive support equipment required. This core sensor technology utilizes a proprietary coating that enables continuous operation in harsh contaminant environments.

Our technology is protected by over 27 granted and pending patents worldwide. Additionally, trade secrets covering sensor material, protective coatings, and production processes are core intellectual property for us.

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