H2scan Digest – June 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 issue of the H2scan Digest

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A Note from H2scan CEO Dave Meyers

H2scan participated in several important industry events during the past month – IEEE PES T&D in Anaheim, California; the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands; and Battcon in Miami, Florida.

While at these shows, I saw H2scan at the forefront of helping companies monitor and secure their assets, whether transformer fleet health, battery storage or hydrogen and industrial process application. We continue to educate the market on the value of hydrogen sensing and are getting great responses, as demonstrated by the attendee feedback at the events. They expressed strong interest in safety code compliance, regulations, OPEX savings, and the need to improve safety and reliability – all of these needs are well served by H2scan solutions.

At the IEEE show, we announced four new transformer monitoring solutions, and all received a great reception. Not only is H2scan leading the way in hydrogen sensing technology, but we are also innovating solutions that solve customer challenges, such as cost-effective transformer fleet health monitoring, simplified connectivity and software applications to improve situational awareness.

Our next show will be the Hydrogen Technology Expo North America, June 26-27 in Houston, Texas. We’ll launch another new product family to measure hydrogen concentration in explosive gas environments. There will be a total of five different models to support our hydrogen economy customers and their specific applications. The new products will have the autocalibration feature, integrated digital and analog communication, and 10-year warranties on the sensor element. Look for these intrinsically safe and globally certified products on our news page after June 26 or in our next Digest.

Here is the press release on the newly released transformer monitoring products I mentioned. If you’re ready to get more information on incorporating these products into your transformer monitoring, contact us to talk directly to an applications engineer.

Shows! Shows! And More Shows!

Our bright display made its way to many shows across the country and the world. It’s great to hear people say, “I see you everywhere!”

Upcoming Tradeshows


Hydrogen Tomorrow News

The H2-ZE RTG Transtainer Crane, developed in collaboration with MITSUI E&S, began operations at Yusen Terminals Inc on 15 May 2024, marking the first time a fully hydrogen-powered RTG crane has gone into commercial operation in the world.

U.S. West Coast refiners are using more hydrogen purchased from merchant suppliers than from their own production. From 2012 to 2022, hydrogen purchased by refiners in the region increased 29% to about 550 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d). During the same period, on-site refinery-produced hydrogen production from natural gas fell 20% to about 330 MMcf/d. Merchant suppliers accounted for more than 62% of the hydrogen consumed by West Coast refineries in 2022.

Upcoming Tradeshows

Hydrogen Technology Expo North America is a solutions-driven trade fair and conference dedicated to the development of new technologies to overcome the industry’s technical challenges and propel hydrogen into the mainstream for stationary and mobile applications. The event takes place in Houston, Texas, June 26-27, 2024. Learn more here.

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The World Hydrogen Energy Conference supplies the perfect occasion for the international community to work together to enhance global activities in the field of hydrogen energy systems for a sustainable future. The event takes place in Cancún, México, June 23-27, 2024. Learn more here.

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