H2scan Launches Four Critical New Hydrogen Monitoring and Sensing Solutions

[VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA] – May 7, 2024 – H2scan (www.h2scan.com), a leader in hydrogen sensing and industrial monitoring solutions, today announced the launch of four new products designed to drive significant efficiencies and performance improvements in transformer monitoring and protection for utilities and industrial or commercial asset managers. The four new products form a comprehensive solution to improve grid intelligence and resilience: GRIDSCAN™ 6000 Multi-Sense Monitor, AO2™ Control Hub, Sentinel™ PRO IoT Module and H2cloud™ Fleet Monitoring Platform.

For more than 20 years, H2scan’s reliable and accurate hydrogen sensors have also been enhancing industrial process control and area safety monitoring. They are now being used to enhance safety in emerging hydrogen economy applications.

H2scan transforms dissolved gas analysis (DGA) from a time-consuming manual process conducted when labor and time permit to a seamless, continuous stream of data that supplies a real-time, actionable view of transformer health. Together, these products provide the industry’s most reliable, accurate and cost-effective system to help extend transformer asset lifespan:

  • Industry’s shortest time to value
  • Measurement of critical health parameters
  • Broad connectivity options
  • Easy installation and no maintenance over product life

GRIDSCAN™ 6000 Multi-Sense Monitor

H2scan’s new GRIDSCAN 6000 represents the industry’s only key-gas monitoring solution that measures hydrogen, moisture, pressure and temperature in one unit. This unprecedented integration of key transformer health indicators into a single solution allows grid operators to obtain real-time, continuous data to assess the status of the transformer fleet.

A ten-year warranty on the unit’s hydrogen sensor eliminates maintenance concerns and reduces operational costs. This rugged, reliable monitor provides unmatched value for transformer monitoring programs, offering early warning alerts for abnormal readings to better plan where intervention is most urgently needed.

AO2™ Control Hub

The AO2 Transformer Monitoring Controller by H2scan significantly upgrades transformer monitoring solutions, offering comprehensive and effortless oversight. Paired seamlessly with H2scan’s hydrogen sensors, it supplies unmatched reliability, local display and alarm functionalities.

AO2 controllers offer easy set-up and integration to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Featuring robust construction, connectivity options and plug-and-play installation, it ensures maximum asset protection even in harsh environments. This all-in-one solution transforms monitoring programs with immediate value, supporting broad coverage and IoT readiness.

Sentinel™ PRO IoT Monitor

The Sentinel PRO provides secure cloud-based access to transformer fleet health data to provide asset managers with comprehensive grid intelligence. By integrating data from H2scan’s GRIDSCAN family of monitors, Sentinel PRO delivers real-time visibility into asset health and operating conditions across the network.

Alongside online dissolved gas analysis (DGA), moisture, temperature and pressure monitoring, Sentinel PRO is unique in the market for its ability to make electrical power quality measurements. This capability, unavailable from any other monitoring or sensing company, allows Sentinel PRO to detect and report harmonic distortions to understand power quality, which can lead to transformer issues and overloading. Sentinel PRO sets the industry standard for transformer intelligence due to its rapid set-up and deployment, enabling customers to boost operational efficiency and improve grid resilience.

H2cloud™ Fleet Monitoring Platform

H2cloud™ is a powerful cloud-based platform providing real-time centralized intelligence for monitoring and analyzing the health of transformer fleets. It seamlessly integrates data from H2scan’s GRIDSCAN sensors, delivering cyber-secure visibility into asset conditions across transformer fleets and alerting owners to transformer operation anomalies.

By identifying developing issues and alerting asset managers to potential failures before they occur, H2cloud is part of a total H2scan monitoring system that allows utilities to optimize transformer lifecycles, prioritize maintenance assignments and avoid costly outages that impact safety and SAIDI metrics.

Early Detection Is the Key to Successful Transformer Management

“Our mission is to protect transformers with intelligent, cost-effective solutions to ensure electricity availability and reliability for the health and safety of consumers. The earlier a transformer asset manager can detect a fault, the easier it is to deploy resources precisely to where it’s needed as soon as possible,” said David Meyers, CEO of H2scan. “Traditional manual DGA only provides a snapshot in time, and rapidly developing faults between sample intervals can be missed, leaving asset managers in the dark, without the total view of critical data needed for fault detection and response.”

The new GRIDSCAN 6000 builds on H2scan’s proprietary solid-state sensing technology, proven solutions installed at major utilities, and decades of experience protecting critical assets and infrastructure. The GRIDSCAN 6000, AO2, Sentinel PRO and H2cloud innovations underscore H2scan’s commitment to delivering advanced monitoring solutions that protect operations, optimize asset management strategies, and create a more intelligent, safe and secure power grid.

In addition to H2scan sensors being deployed in many OEM DGA monitors globally, H2scan’s GRIDSCAN 6000 sensor is now a viable option for small transformers that historically have not been monitored. It is also available for OEM integration into more complex monitoring solutions applied to larger transformers.

The products represent a series of announcements at the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition that highlight H2scan’s dedication to the power and energy industries. Inquire about product lead times by contacting H2scan at [email protected]. To learn more about H2scan’s transformer monitoring and industrial or commercial power solutions, visit us at the IEEE Exposition from May 6-9 at booth #6441 or at www.h2scan.com.

About H2scan

H2scan is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance hydrogen sensing solutions, dedicated to delivering the most reliable industrialized sensing solutions to OEM partners, distributors and end customers globally.

The company’s latest Gen 5 solutions offer unparalleled accuracy, maintenance-free operation, and cost-effectiveness in hydrogen sensing. Trusted by industry giants like ABB, Siemens, ExxonMobil, Shell, Procter & Gamble and others, its products are integral in shaping the new Hydrogen Economy for a clean, secure and affordable energy future.

H2scan products are also used by utilities for transformer fleet asset management, by the chemical industry to optimize hydrogen processes, and for safety monitoring in enclosed areas susceptible to hydrogen leaks and energy storage charging out-gassing and other similar hydrogen sources.

Built on solid-state technology pioneered at Sandia National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy, H2scan boasts 44 patents covering its core technology, software and product innovations.

Learn more at www.h2scan.com.

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