H2scan Digest – March 2024

Welcome to the March 2024 issue of the H2scan Digest

In this issue we present:

A Note from H2scan CEO Dave Meyers

I recently attended DistribuTECH in Orlando, Florida, which is the premier annual event for transmission and distribution. The event showcased cutting-edge technologies for ensuring reliable and safe power to our homes and businesses. I had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, including grid operators, solution providers, customers, OEMs, and other industry professionals.

Reflecting on the event, here are some high-level insights I gathered:

  1. Technologies to modernize the electric grid took center stage, including incorporation of renewable energy sources, enhancing efficiency, and systems to enhance safety and reliability.
  2. There’s a willingness of utilities to adopt wireless, cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions versus traditional on-prem solutions. These solutions enable the rapid adoption of real-time sensing systems to enhance asset awareness.
  3. Data-driven decision-making analytics are becoming increasingly crucial for IoT solutions. Vendors are now integrating these analytics more broadly into their IoT cloud software solutions.
  4. Operational safety, both for staff and the community, emerged as a primary focus in all conversations, highlighting its significant importance within the industry.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that technology, data-driven decision-making, and operational safety must remain at the forefront of our offerings. We are well-positioned to support these trends and remain committed to providing solutions that align with these critical priorities.

H2scan Unveils the BRD-01: Simplifying Hydrogen Detection for Stationary Battery and Area Monitoring Applications

H2scan is pleased to announce the release of the BRD-01, a powerful and user-friendly controller display unit designed to streamline hydrogen monitoring in stationary battery and area monitoring applications.

The BRD-01 controller display boasts a range of benefits that make it ideal for various applications. The controller enhances safety through continuous monitoring and fault detection. And it ensures prompt awareness of hydrogen alarm conditions and improves efficiency with a simplified installation and operation that reduces setup time and maintenance costs.

Read the full press release here. For more information, email [email protected].

New Blog: I Got 99 Problems, but the Online DGA Monitor Ain't One

Electric power reliability leader Traci Hopkins recently published a blog post about the challenges of transformer management and how installing online DGA monitors can help overcome these challenges. This article mentions your favorite at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

Monitoring a key gas like hydrogen can provide early detection of incipient faults in a transformer. But there are many different technologies in the marketplace to choose from, so how do you choose the right one?

Read the full blog article here.

Hydrogen Tomorrow News

A look at the great transformer shortage affecting U.S. utilities

An NREL team finds that lead times for transformers has grown fourfold in three years, with orders sometimes taking two years.

Schneider Electric to invest $140 million in 2024 to expand U.S. manufacturing presence to support critical infrastructure, industries, and data center demand

Schneider Electric announced plans to invest $140 million into its U.S. manufacturing operations and create about 750 new manufacturing jobs across the country in 2024.

Biden-Harris Administration announces $750 million to support America’s growing hydrogen industry as part of Investing in America agenda

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $750 million for 52 projects across 24 states to dramatically reduce the cost of clean hydrogen and reinforce America’s global leadership in the growing clean hydrogen industry.

From hydrogen fuel cells to SCIB batteries: Toshiba’s push towards greener data centers

Innovations such as hydrogen fuel cells, magnetic charging systems, and advanced battery technologies, like Toshiba’s SCIB batteries, are leading the charge in creating greener data centers.

Hydrogen fuel cell, battery-enabled Hyflex could replace fossil fuel solutions, tests confirm

Several project partners have conducted a joint field test to demonstrate the latest innovation in hydrogen-electric power infrastructure — a containerized hydrogen fuel cell and battery solution.

Upcoming Tradeshows

CPEM is a global conference that brings together electric power companies in various network provinces and outstanding domestic and foreign project parties to create a top event in the field of condition-based maintenance with the highest specifications, the most accurate positioning, and the greatest impact. 1156+ industry elites gather together to expand their social circle through ‘one-to-one’ meetings, breakout venues, and more. The event takes place in Nanjing, China on April 13, 2024. Learn more here.

Planning to attend? Email us for a meeting: [email protected]!

In keeping with a long tradition of in-person technical conferences and symposia, the Houston Analysis Committee is holding a conference and exposition focusing on analysis and measurement in the chemical processing industries. This event will highlight relevant, new technical papers related to grab sampling, sample handling systems, data analysis and process analyzers such as gas chromatographs, spectrometers and analytical sensors. The event takes place in Galveston, Texas on April 15-19, 2024. Learn more here.

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