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Industrial batteries in a room cabled together

H2scan Demonstrates Commitment to Growing Need for Battery Room Safety

By Jeff Donato In battery rooms, a hydrogen detection system is critical to ensuring infrastructural safety and the wellbeing of personnel. What can go wrong ...
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Terminals with White and black wires

Monitoring Hydrogen in Transformer Fleets

Transformer fleets are under-monitored when it comes to dissolved gas analysis (DGA) testing for fault conditions. What can managers of electricity infrastructure assets do about ...
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When Does it Make Sense to Pay Big Bucks for a Multi-Gas DGA Monitor?

By Jim McGee, Sales Manager I was looking at new televisions recently and found that there are almost too many options to choose from. It ...
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Hydrogen Monitoring Just Makes Sense

By Leon White, P.E. How do you know if you should invest in hydrogen monitoring for your fleet of transformers? Here’s an instructive analogy: Do ...
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Liquid-Filled Transformers: They’re trying to tell us something, but what are they saying?

By Traci Hopkins What would you say if I told you transformers not only hum, but they talk too? You’d probably look at me like ...
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