H2scan Digest – February 2024

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A Note from H2scan CEO Dave Meyers

Energy storage will play a crucial role in the transition to clean energy, especially for intermittent energy resources like wind and solar. Capturing excess energy using storage systems, such as batteries, will increase renewable energy efficiency and power availability. Filling this critical need is driving strong growth in battery storage capacity in the US. This year, it is predicted to grow by 89% according to the US Energy Information Administration. This growth confirms the effectiveness of energy storage solutions as part of a renewable energy future.

Ensuring the safety of energy storage assets and service personnel is critical for the success of this transition. For example, certain battery storage technologies can generate hydrogen gas during recharging which can lead to explosions if hydrogen detection safety systems are not utilized. H2scan has a 20-year history in supporting similar mission critical energy applications and is committed to supporting this market. Please contact us to learn more about how H2scan can improve your battery monitoring solution.

Darcy Partners Name H2scan Top 10 Innovator in Hydrogen

H2scan has been named a “Top 10 Darcy Innovator of 2023 in Hydrogen.” It is the only winner in the category of hydrogen sensing. Darcy Partners provides a software-enabled market intelligence and advisory platform for those seeking to work with emerging technology providers in the energy industry.

The Darcy Top 10 list is based on a unique data set of activity from Darcy Connect from over 10,000 energy company Connect Users. Their data highlights which innovators gained the most attention on Darcy Connect through views, clicks, likes, follows, meetings scheduled, fundings, as well as analysis from their Research Team about technology developments and market traction.

Read more about H2scan’s listing in Darcy Partners Top 10 Innovators in Hyrogen.

The Bright Future of Battery Energy Storage Systems

The Bright Future of Battery Energy Storage Systems from Transformer Technology

With expanding applications in renewable energy, favorable public policy and new battery technology, the demand is growing for battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Of these factors, the most important driver is the worldwide focus on the growth of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. These energy sources have inherent variability challenges such as darkness, cloudiness or lack of wind. BESS alleviates this variability enabling an uninterrupted power source.

In an article published in Transformer Technology magazine, H2scan BESS expert Jeff Donato explores the history, technology evolution, status and future of BESS and delves into the future of the technology. With attention paid to continued grid modernization and climate change, fostering a better understanding of BESS is critical. To read the full article on the Bright Future of Battery Energy Storage Systems.

For more information on H2scan hydrogen sensors for BESS click here.

Battery Room Hydrogen Monitoring with the H2scan HY-ALERTA 5021

Watch the video above to learn about the risks of hydrogen buildup in battery rooms and how to mitigate these risks. With effective monitoring of hydrogen in a contained space where batteries are stored, you can automate alerting and ventilation control to cost effectively remove hydrogen gas from battery rooms prior to reaching explosive levels.

You can also watch Battery Room Hydrogen Monitoring with the H2scan HY-ALERTA 5021 on YouTube.

Hydrogen Tomorrow News

US Department of Energy announces $20 Million to 16 projects spearheading exploration of geologic hydrogen

In support of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $20 million for 16 projects across 8 states to accelerate the natural subsurface generation of hydrogen.

Infographic: European pipeline plans central to unlocking hydrogen economy

Europe’s 2030 clean hydrogen plans are heavily focused on coastal Northwest Europe. The planned 28,000-km European Hydrogen Backbone pipeline network will be critical to connecting production sites with demand centers.

Germany outlines $17 billion plan to subsidize gas-to-hydrogen shift

Germany’s government has agreed plans to subsidize gas power plants that can switch to hydrogen, the economy ministry said on Monday, with a price tag of $17 billion in subsidies as part of efforts to supplement intermittent renewable energy and speed up the transition to low carbon generation.

Upcoming Tradeshows

TechAdvantage 2024 is a place where technology professionals can explore the solutions and strategies shaping and driving the future of the electric cooperative industry. Featuring industry experts, cutting-edge content, and real-life examples, the conference’s many exciting sessions will offer best practices and solutions that will empower professionals to drive their cooperatives forward.

The event takes place in San Antonio, Texas on March 3-6, 2024.

H2scan will be present at Booth #659.  Learn more at the TechAdvantage 2024 website.

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CPEM is a global conference that brings together electric power companies in various network provinces and outstanding domestic and foreign project parties to create a top event in the field of condition-based maintenance with the highest specifications, the most accurate positioning, and the greatest impact. 1156+ industry elites gather together to expand their social circle through ‘one-to-one’ meetings, breakout venues, and more.

The event takes place in Nanjing, China on April 13, 2024. Learn more on the CPEM event website.

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