Monitoring Hydrogen in Transformer Fleets

Transformer fleets are under-monitored when it comes to dissolved gas analysis (DGA) testing for fault conditions. What can managers of electricity infrastructure assets do about this?  H2scan’s  Leon White has published an article in T&D World Magazine about hydrogen monitoring in transformers entitled, “Monitoring Hydrogen in Transformer Fleets.”

This article explains how solid state hydrogen monitors can be a significant tool to help asset managers improve overall electric system reliability. For asset managers, the big question is: “If I’m managing a fleet of power transformers, what’s the best way to accurately predict which ones will be next to fail?”

Since most transformer experts agree that DGA analysis is the best answer, how can utilities effectively monitor real-time DGA on a fleet of hundreds or thousands of transformers? The short answer is hydrogen monitors.

Hydrogen monitors have proven to be effective in warning transformer owners of significant issues at a low cost for more than 30 years. As monitor prices come down and accounting rules allow for cost recovery of these solutions, asset managers now have the tools they need to look at how long it will take to monitor their entire fleet of transformers. Additionally, maintenance engineers can have peace of mind knowing that these monitors will require little to no maintenance over the life of the monitor.

Read the full paper here

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