H2cloud™ Fleet Monitoring Platform

Centralized Transformer Intelligence

H2cloud™ Instant Real-time Access to Transformer Fleet Data

H2cloud™ is a powerful cloud-based platform providing centralized intelligence for monitoring and analyzing the health of transformer fleets. It seamlessly integrates data from H2scan’s Sentinel™ line of wireless communicators, delivering cyber-secure real-time visibility into asset conditions across transformer fleets and delivering alerts of anomalies related to transformer health.

Through advanced analytics capabilities built on a cyber-secure foundation, H2cloud enables proactive management strategies by identifying developing issues and alerting asset managers to potential failures before they occur. This allows utilities to optimize transformer lifecycles, prioritize maintenance assignments and avoid costly outages and disruptions to operations that can decrease safety and reliability metrics.


  • Centralized data visualization and insight across the transformer fleet to help evaluate health conditions 
  • Integrated power quality data from H2scan’s Sentinel™ PRO for comprehensive grid intelligence 
  • Exceptional design and implementation of cloud solution specifically designed for transformer health  

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