H2scan Hydrogen Transformer Monitoring

H2scan products and accessories are designed for transformer monitoring applications.

Gridscan 5000 Gen 5 Hydrogen Sensor
The H2scan GRIDSCAN™ 5000 Hydrogen Sensor pairs a high performance ASIC to H2scan’s field-proven solid-state hydrogen sensor. This stand-alone sensor system has been designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement, at a lower cost for the high-volume OEM or utilities. No calibrations or maintenance is needed for up to 10 years, and the Gridscan 5000 is the lowest cost by thousands to any other available hydrogen DGA system. H2scan is the only company in the industry that can state retail sales of over 15,000 sensor systems worldwide with no after sale calibrations performed since 2012.
H2scan’s GRIDSCAN™ 6000 breaks new ground in transformer monitoring, being the first in the market that combines four critical measurements; hydrogen, the first fault gas, moisture, pressure and temperature. The GRIDSCAN 6000 delivers continuous, real-time data, alerting asset managers to abnormal transformer conditions that may lead to catastrophic events. It delivers more capability than competitive monitors but at half the price.
Maximize local and remote transformer asset condition visibility with the AO2™ Control Hub from H2scan. Designed to pair seamlessly with H2scan’s GRIDSCAN™ 5000 or GRIDSCAN™ 6000 Transformer Gas sensors, the AO2 Controller adds to an already complete transformer monitoring system.
H2scan’s Sentinel™ Communicator provides comprehensive grid intelligence for transformer monitoring and protection. It combines multiple key parameters including dissolved gas analysis (DGA), moisture, and pressure into a single integrated solution. Sentinel enables predictive maintenance strategies by detecting active internal transformer gassing and other developing issues before catastrophic failures occur.
H2scan’s Sentinel™ PRO IoT Monitor delivers best-in-class grid intelligence for transformer monitoring and protection. As part of a comprehensive package with H2scan’s H2cloud platform, Sentinel PRO delivers state-of-the-art system visibility and data analytics toolkits to support a fleet-wide view of transformer health. It supports the modernization and protection of low-voltage distribution systems, including renewable energy platforms, long lines and large loads.
H2cloud™ is a powerful cloud-based platform providing centralized intelligence for monitoring and analyzing the health of transformer fleets. It seamlessly integrates data from H2scan’s Sentinel™ line of wireless communicators, delivering cyber-secure real-time visibility into asset conditions across transformer fleets and delivering alerts of anomalies related to transformer health.

H2scan’s breakthrough hydrogen sensing technology is available for integration into your product as an OEM assembly. Various options are available ranging from just a hydrogen sensor sub-assembly to a full-up product assembly.

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