Sentinel™ PRO IoT Monitor

Comprehensive Transformer Intelligence

Gain Grid Intelligence and Multi-Parameter Visibility with Sentinel™ PRO

H2scan’s Sentinel™ PRO IoT Monitor delivers best-in-class grid intelligence for transformer monitoring and protection. As part of a comprehensive package with H2scan’s H2cloud platform, Sentinel PRO delivers state-of-the-art system visibility and data analytics toolkits to support a fleet-wide view of transformer health. It supports the modernization and protection of low-voltage distribution systems, including renewable energy platforms, long lines and large loads.

Other distribution transformer monitoring platforms cannot diagnose gassing, a critical factor for preventing catastrophic failures. Sentinel PRO presents asset managers with a low-cost IoT-enabled hydrogen DGA (dissolved gas analysis) measurement for transformer protection. This platform is proven at scale in nationwide deployments across distribution system operator fleets.

Interfacing directly with GRIDSCAN™ 5000 and 6000 series transformer monitors, Sentinel PRO combines granular power quality data like voltage, current and harmonic distortion with additional information like hydrogen, moisture and pressure. This data set allows utility asset managers to determine the root cause of an issue, take corrective actions and mitigate potential equipment and collateral damage.


  • Industry-leading and advanced power quality capabilities combining fault detection and transformer health data
  • Integrates online dissolved gas analysis, moisture, pressure, etc., into transformer health monitoring
  • Wide range of applications to identify power quality issues for renewable energy platforms, long lines or large loads
  • Centralized visibility across the entire network via cloud

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