GRIDSCAN™ 6000 Multi-Sense Monitor

Comprehensive Transformer Intelligence

Protect Transformers with All-In-One GRIDSCAN™ 6000: Hydrogen, Moisture, Temperature and Pressure Measurement

H2scan’s GRIDSCAN™ 6000 breaks new ground in transformer monitoring, being the first in the market that combines four critical measurements; hydrogen, the first fault gas, moisture, pressure and temperature. The GRIDSCAN 6000 delivers continuous, real-time data, alerting asset managers to abnormal transformer conditions that may lead to catastrophic events. It delivers more capability than competitive monitors but at half the price.


  • The only transformer monitor that combines hydrogen, moisture, pressure and temperature measurement 
  • Market leading range of environmental operating conditions supported (hot/cold/salt water/submersible) 
  • Ideal for a fleetwide IoT deployment strategy, but also supports conventional SCADA connectivity 
  • Detects pressure drops associated with ballistic damage 

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