The BRD-01:
Your All-in-one Hydrogen Monitoring Solution

Simplify hydrogen detection and enhance safety with the innovative BRD-O1 by H2scan.

The BRD-O1 is more than just a display unit; it’s a comprehensive hydrogen monitoring system designed for ease of use, reliability, and versatility. Whether you’re managing a large battery room or a substation, the BRD-O1 provides the peace of mind you need to focus on what matters most.

Together with our auto-calibrating sensor, the BRD-O1 is truly a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: Monitor and power up to 8 H2scan sensors per display
  • Proactive Fault Detection: The BRD-O1 continuously analyzes sensor data, promptly alerting you to potential issues.
  • Integration: Pre-programmed and ready to install, the BRD-O1 minimizes setup time and integrates effortlessly with existing systems.
  • Communications: Modbus, 4-20mA, and dry contact outputs ensure compatibility with applications.
  • Certification: Enclosed in a robust NEMA 4X enclosure, the BRD-O1 withstands harsh environments for reliable performance.

Battery Room Monitoring

Ensuring safety in battery rooms where hydrogen gas is present is crucial. The BRD-O1 display unit, paired with H2scan’s HY-ALERTA 5021 hydrogen area monitor, offers a powerful combination for managing this risk.

International Fire Code Chapter 12 and NFPA 855 mandates specific measures to address hydrogen hazards, including risk mitigation plans to keep concentrations below 25% of the Lower Flammability Limit (LFL) or 1% of the total room volume. Traditionally, this might require continuous ventilation, but the good news is, advanced monitoring solutions can offer an alternative.

The HY-ALERTA 5021, specifically designed for battery rooms, monitors hydrogen levels to ensure they never exceed the critical 25% LFL threshold. It seamlessly integrates with the BRD-O1, which acts as a central hub, displaying readings for up to 8 sensors offering Modbus, 4-20, and dry contact communication options. This allows for proper annunciation per NFPA 76 and automatic control of exhaust fans upon detecting elevated hydrogen levels, preventing buildup and potential risks.

By deploying the combination of BRD-O1 and HY-ALERTA 5021, battery room operators can not only guarantee safety but also potentially eliminate the need for continuous ventilation, leading to cost savings and improved energy efficiency.

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