HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series Explosion Proof In-line Hydrogen Process Analyzer

The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series uses a solid-state, non consumable sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams. The H2scan solid state technology provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross sensitive to other gases. The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series is ideal for applications where real-time, hydrogen specific measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management.

Common applications include:

– Refinery: Reforming, cracking, recycle, tail gas, fuel gas, flare gas and other multi-component process streams
– Natural Gas: H2 supplement to hydrocarbon measurement for complete natural gas or biomethane analysis
– Industrial Gas Supply: Air separation, syngas, steam methane reforming, and electrolysis process streams
– Petrochemical: H2 measurement in polymer feeds and flare gas process streams
– Manufacturing: Metals annealing, semiconductor, oil hydrogenation and fertilizer manufacturing process streams


Configuration Details

    • Verification Interval: 90 days
    • Product Life Expectancy: 10 Years
    • Pressure Compensation: Yes
    • Operating Humidity: < 95% RH (non condensing)
    • Flow Rate: 0.1 to 10 slpm
    • Process Gas Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
    • Operarting Temperature-20°C to 55°C
    • Storage Temprate -30°C to 80°C
    • Output Signals
      • Analog: 4 to 20mA (or user specific mA)
      • Serial: RS232 or TS422
      • Relay Contacts²: 5A/240 VAC or 5A/30 VDC
    • Input Voltage: 90-240 VAC
    • Input Power: 15W
    • Dimensions: 7.5in (L) x 5.4in (W) x 5.7in (D)
    • Adapter Fitting: 3/4 in Union Tee Compression

1. ATEX versions are limited to 1.1 ATM max process gas pressure
2. Two programmable relays and one fault relay with normally open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.) contacts

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HY-OPTIMA™ is a registered Trademark of H2scan. Specifications subject to change without prior notice.