The H2scan GRIDSCAN 5000 Hydrogen Sensor pairs H2scan’s proprietary integrated circuit with the company’s  field-proven solid-state hydrogen sensor. This stand-alone sensor system has been designed to provide precision hydrogen measurement for turnkey solution for utilities and transformer and monitoring OEMs. No calibrations or maintenance is needed for up to 10 years, and the GRIDSCAN 5000 offers great value per dollar that is very disruptive in the market. H2scan is the only company in the industry that can state retail sales of over 15,000 sensor systems worldwide with no after sale calibrations performed since 2012.


The GRIDSCAN 5000 Hydrogen Sensor is the industry’s #1 solid-state hydrogen sensor technology in a robust yet compact package. Rated for a wide temperature range and marine exposure, the GRIDSCAN 5000 Hydrogen Sensor installs directly onto a transformer and can withstand the harshest industrial applications including:

  • Small Distribution Transformers
  • Vault Transformers
  • Wind Farm Transformers
  • Railroad/Traction Transformers
  • Offshore platforms


  • Precise Hydrogen Specific Measurements
  • Sensing device immersed directly in oil for hydrogen measurement
  • Functionality over a broad temperature range
  • High EMI/RFI rating
  • IP68 Ingress Protection.

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