H2scan's breakthrough hydrogen sensing technology is available for integration into your product as an OEM assembly. Various options are available ranging from just a hydrogen sensor sub-assembly to a full-up product assembly.


Why is our hydrogen sensing technology suitable for custom configuration?

  • Patented hydrogen sensor on a flex technology allows for small sensor probe head
  • Many custom configured electronic packages available
  • Communications available from RS232, RS485, MODBUS

Applications suitable for custom configuration:

  • Fuel Cell, stationary, vehicle, fuel cell bus garages
  • Battery rooms
  • Buoys
  • Process control
  • Nuclear, waste and plants
  • Space Station, NASA
  • Transformer monitoring
  • Military

Sample custom configurations we've done:

  • Novellus, Semiconductor
  • L3 Communications Military Sonar
  • Parker Hannifin area safety products
  • Teledyne, Safety and Process Products
  • Idaho National Labs with DOE as the customer, Nuclear
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